How to become a Race Horse Owner in Singapore?

A Sport to be Enjoyed with Royalty and Prestige

Known as the sport of kings, horse racing has always been associated with royalty, prestige, and glamour. Royals include Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Ruler of Emirate of Dubai His High Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum, both of whom are horse owners and who frequent the major racing events across the globe. Hong Kong superstar, Aaron Kwok too, is a huge fan of horse racing and has become a horse owner.

Many people view owning a racehorse as a complex process requiring a huge investment. This thought has deterred them from taking the step to owning their very first racehorse.

It is, however, rather straightforward and easy as one follows these four steps:

#1 Trainer First, Horse Second

For those who are just starting, the most important step is to select your trainer. Having a sound relationship with your trainer will ensure that you derive great pleasure and success as an owner. 

The selection of the horse follows. With years of experience, trainers offer invaluable advice and guidance in the selection and purchasing processes and subsequently giving the horse every opportunity to reach its fullest potential.

> List of Singapore Registered Horse Trainers

Please feel free to contact the trainer of your choice to arrange a stable visit.

#2 Finding Your Horse

Once you have selected your trainer,  together you can discuss your future purchase taking into account the kind of horse you are looking for, for example, a yearling, a ready to run candidate or a horse in training, and also set your preferred budget for this purpose. Some trainers may have horses available for purchase or syndication, or you can browse for horses listed for sale on Sellers can be contacted to schedule an appointment to view the horse.

First-time owners are advised not to purchase a horse without the advice of your trainer.  It takes many years to gain experience in the selection of a horse based on conformation and pedigree.

List of Available Horses in Singapore

#3 Decide on Ownership Options

There are two personal ownership options (other than racing as a company or racing club).

Option 1 – Sole Ownership
You have 100% ownership of your horse. As a sole owner, you will receive all the winnings your horse earns in races and also be responsible for all costs of the horse. 

As the sole owner, you will get to name your horse and design the racing colors for easy identification during a race. Do note that your horse’s name and racing colors are unique and can’t be utilizedby any other horse owner.

Option 2 – Syndication/Partnership Ownership
Syndication or partnership ownership, offers an affordable way to experience the thrill of horse ownership. Besides having a team to share the excitement and joy, another key reason is to spread your investment.

Interested horse owners can get together to form a partnership made up of two to ten partners in any single partnership. Syndication offers an opportunity for up to twenty people to own a share in a single horse.

For example, purchasing a 5% share in a $100,000 horse, your purchase cost would be $5,000. The prize money, training fees, and any other incidental costs are divided according to the percentage owned.

If you do not want to be deeply involved as a horse owner, you can choose to join as a member of horse racing clubs to enjoy the sport of horse racing. These exclusive clubs are operated by horse owners and may involve other investment opportunities such as breeding and selling of million-dollar yearlings, and trading of unraced racehorses for a significant profit.

These clubs usually charge membership and subscription fee, with dividends paid out to members based on the horses’ winning performance.

However, members of the club will have no horse ownership rights.

Horse Racing Clubs in Singapore
– Black Diamond Racing Club
– China Horse Club
– Ultima Horse Club


#4 Register with Malayan Racing Association

The final step is registering your horse and yourself as the rightful horse owner with the Malayan Racing Association (“MRA”). The MRA is the controlling body that licenses trainers and jockeys and also registers horse owners and horses in Singapore and Malaysia.

The entire registration process is a breeze with all the documentation taken care of by the MRA.


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